Friday, September 21, 2018

stage 6 work.

1.  Lightning danced across the sky.
2. The wind howled in the night.
3. The car complained when the key was turned.
4. My alarm clock yells at me every morning.
5. The avalanche devoured anything that got in its way.
6. The wind whispered through the trees.
7. The door protested as it opened.
8. Our vacuum hums a happy tune when its cleaning.
9. The moon played hide and seek with the clouds.
10. The sun was getting ready to take its nightly rest.
11. The wind howled at night.
12.My flowers were begging for water.     
13.  The thunder grumbled like it was angry.
14. The wildfire ran through the forest.             
15. The sun smiled and chased the angry clouds away.
16. The stars danced playfully.
17. Time creeps up on you.
18. The tornado ran through town.
19. The moon smiled upon the river.
20.The words hesitated to escape his mouth.
21. My cars headlights blinked at me.
22.At precisely 6:30 am my alarm clock sprang into life.
23.Ah, William, we’re weary of weather.
24.Winter’s icy grip caused by people to shutter.
25.The chair stretched  against the ground.
26.Traffic started crawling.
27. The stars danced across the moonlit sky.
28.The flame on the candle danced in the dark.
29.The tsunami raced towards the coastline.
30.The carved pumpkins smiled at me.
31.The pencil danced across the paper drawing things.
32. Rita heard the last piece of pie calling her name.
33. The books tempted to be read.
34. The clouds dashed across New Zealand.
35. The whiteboard marker swished along the dord.
36.The lights flickered giving me a sign.
37.When I didn’t make the team, my dream of being a star died.
38.The phone awakened with a mighty ring.
39.the tree was swaying in the air
40.The wildfire ran through the forest at an amazing speed.
41.The words appeared to leap off of the paper a she read the story.
42.The ivy wove its fingers around the fence.
43.Trees bowed to the ground.
44.The books shoved themselves out of the bookshelf
45.the thunder clapped angrily in the distance.
46.The moon winked at me through the clouds above.
47.The baseball screamed all the way into the outfield.
48.Time marches to the speed of its own drum
49. The pistol glared at me from its holster
50.The thunder was rumbling like it was angry.
52. The wind sang through the meadow

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