Friday, September 21, 2018

Testing types of soaps

Name of experiment: testing types of soaps

Group names: Khamani, Jaszariah, Shylo, Cloey, Maia, Jay Jay, Kamo

Change question: What will happen in each soap? Will they react differently and why?

We think it will go all puffy and they all will react a bit different than each of them.

Video/ Photo link:
This is what other peoples ivory soap experiment looks like.
Conclusion/ Answer to your question:
Each soap reacted differently and some raised high and most of them expanded.
Each soap did react differently because the pink soap reacted differently
in the way were it would rise and puff up.

Extending the learning

I wonder questions (Trying new things):
I wonder if the soap will explode?
I wonder if the soap will turn huge and puffy?
I wonder if the different kinds of soap will turn out the same?

Comparing Original (Experiment with trying my new ideas):
We tried putting in different soaps in instead of just using ivory soap we used pink soap,
 we were going to use dove soap, we used protex soap There were all sorts.

Research on topic: (Links)

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