Friday, September 21, 2018



The smoke coming from the fire flies over the land fluttering,
wiping out the mother nature. Its wings spread across the land.
The fire covers over the land. Forests perish’s
before some even get to live.
The smoke travels, it can get to the sea and
cover the fresh air poking and glooming at
the fishing boats below. It swings side to side
spreading in each second scaring fish, throwing
people off balance. The fire attacks the bushes and trees burning them down.
The fire crushes them. The fire flies high above like a red fiery orange phoenix
scavenging for food. Eating each tree and bush.
It incursion its prey. Fire pauses
to look at the destruction it has done then once more it fights the water and vanishes.
But once it comes back raging and
replying every time raging more and more then once
again will die but i new fire shall be born terrorising
the people and forests killing mother nature.
But just like fire she will be re-born once
more but will suffer. Soon she shall become
stronger, she will re-do all forests because she is powerful and a goddess. She watches
over us and the forest. The darkness coming from the smoke lurks in the shadows helping
the fire plan when to appear and destroy , then beat the sap out of the trees,logs and the
wet oily water on the leaves wiping every inch of it out. Maia

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