Friday, August 17, 2018

Body changes.

Hi my name is maia  and i will be telling you about me
and i love fortnight on my dads ps4. My mum’s name is pera
and my dad's name is mike and there is another way to say his
name and it’s michel. I had two cats and one’s name is meow
meow and the others name is rose i have one dog her name is
pepen. My nana’s cats name is twe and she is big and fluffy. I
have one sibling and  his name is mason and my neck name is
maia bear and maia tauri. I have six causins and there names
are mario kara charles taliah ohona baby pera and i have other
cousins too. Kara is the oldest out of all os us she's 12 and taliah
shes 7,mario is 11,charles is 10, baby pera is 3,ohan is 2
my brother mason is 2 just like ohan…….

My favorite sport is dodgeball and soccer.
My favourite colour is purple and blue, i like
to play minecraft and fortnite .
I am 10 two and my favourite food is jem
jakes. My favourite book
is sister grim one and two they have lots of interesting
characters. My nana had a dog called dog in dog anan
she was
friendly but she past we put her by my cat meow meow we
still don't know how he died he was just lying at the back
of the house and i loved him and doginana and she died
because she was poisoned she at something poison in
the garodge. My friends are kowhai shylo leah petra
mikaylara and we have this characters that we each
are i am toy bonnie and there are others but there
are two meny to say. My favorite song is hide and seek
and solo.That's everything about me so
thanks for listening to me.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The ocean

Ivory soap experiment.

This is the experiment me and the girls did before.

Name of experiment: 20   Ivory Soap
Group names: Cloey,Kamo,and Jaszaiah,Khamani,Maia,Shylo,Petra,JayJay

Change question: How can you change a normal block of soap into puffy clouds?

Prediction: I think that the soap will rise after we let it cool down.I think we will see clouds with
different smells.

Observations: I saw the soap expand into a big puffy marshmallow.

This is how the puffy cloud ture out to be.It looked like a 30 year old sponge and
It looked like a egg with know yolk.
With more heat it kept rising and expanding.

Conclusion/ Answer to your
question: it expanded
a little bit and it went taller.
Why? This happened because
the heat made the air
inside push up
(expanded….get bigger)
When it is cold the gas is small
and when it
heats up it expands.
It can push the soap because it is
hot and this makes the soap soft to
push bubbles into the soap.
The air is trying to escape.

Extending the learning

I wonder questions (Trying new things):
I wonder if it will expand or not or stay normal.
I wonder what will happen if you heat it more.
I wonder what would happen if you tried different soaps.
 Sunlight soap, wonder soap, dove soap.
I wonder if you could make a sculpture
using this process.
I wonder if you combined to soaps to
create something different.

Comparing Original (Experiment with trying my new ideas):
I think that we should of
Got ivory soap but anyway we tried the normal soap.

Research on topic: (Links)
Solids, liquids and gases are made of particles...
This causes the particles to move

more and the solid to change into a liquid.

Me and my classroom was doing art yesterday. We where using shapes to make stuff.
Here's a photo off what i made with squares. It has some of my favourite colours.
I just love the look of it and makes me feel flowery. It looks exactly like a flower.

Meeting Porsha Woodsmen

Friday, August 3, 2018

WALT: Improve endurance (keep running)

My class room 2 played a game called rod the nest. There are balls in the middle and you have to got to a corner. Then when miss says you run with out touching anyone.
Image result for kaikohe west school running pics

WALT: Use strategies

Image result for kaikohe west school 2018 room 2
Related image


We use cards as we read are chapter books and if we are doing it the we get to take that card that says what we are doing.

The target group have a piece of paper and they talk about what is happening in it and then we ask them questions and they answer the. 🕮

Cyclone Tube Tornado in a Bottle ~ Incredible Science

WALT: About change


We experiment and each time we fail or be successful we try a different way.

We write information about how it works and what we did.

We also use videos and photos to show you instead  of writing every thing.

WALT: Improve times tables.


We use khan academy  to do are tables and other maths things.

We also use online testing were we can learn all are times tables.

I think that this is good for us because soon we will be able to do any kind of tables and we will be good at dojng maths and can teach others.

We mitt be able to become a teacher and help other kids.

WALT: We change the action.


We learnt how to draw stick figures.

We used quick lines silently.

We use photographs and copy them.

I'm learning to Organise detail in paragraphs


We made a plant to help us with intros and middle and end of the story.

We also used a mind map to help us with are ideas and to keep are detail organised.