Thursday, July 26, 2018

My speech about plastic bags and how bad they are

 I have seen rubbish floating around in the sea. This is bad for our sea
creatures because they can die from eating plastic bags.

All sea animals can become extinct all because of plastic bags.

I think that this is becoming worse each day.
 This affects dolphins, turtles, whales, fish ! Because fish eat the plastic and whales do to and get tangled in fishing nets.
 Dolphins eat the plastic to.
This is badder than ever because not just sea creatures die birds do
they eat plastic ludes and other plastic things.
Other animals that
live on land die.  Not just our sea animals are dying
we are also piloting are water.
I believe we will soon not be able to go swimming
because of all the plastic and trash floating around.

We can solve this by Stop using plastic bags and instead use cloth
bags and other stuff that aren't plastic.  
We also should stop dumping rubbish anywhere and instead pick it
up and throw it in the bin.
This will stop piloting are water and keep are animals safe and happy.
This will mean that we can go swimming and keep are beach
and water clean.