Friday, May 4, 2018

Mangrove swamp

Mangrove swamps are coastal wetlands found in tropical and
subtropical regions.
The swamps have salt water and the trees love it.
That's how the trees grow.

Mangrove have adapted in salty water to grow.
These wetlands are mostly found in estuaries, where
fresh water meets salt water.
Florida's southwest coast supports
one of the biggest Mangrove swamps in the world.
Four species of tropical Mangroves
can be found around Gulf  of Mexico.
Extensive root systems protect the
coast from storms damages.
Mud-skippers are fish that can breath both
in and out of water.people use kayaks to explore
the mangroves without disturbing the wildlife.
Banded sea kraits swim underwater,but come to
the surface to breath.
cow-nose rays are a type of stingray they live in
mangrove swamps like all the others type of snakes & fish
living there.

Black Mangrove is the most common mangrove in the
united states.
Mangroves live in the sea. Mangroves can make islands,
they start with a small
one then gets bigger.
Their seeds fall from the tree and will grow roots as soon
as they touch any kind of soil. During low tide, they may fall in
soil rather than water and start growing where they fell.