Friday, April 13, 2018

The fox i drawed by myself

Info about the weather in alaska and Architecture

The climate in south central Alaska, with Anchorage as a typical city, is mild by Alaskan standards. This is due in large part to its proximity to the coast. While it doesn't get nearly as much rain as the southeast of Alaska, it does get more snow, although days tend to be clearer here.

any weather-related myths surround Alaska’s temperatures and climate.

One of the most common is that Alaska temperatures in summer are cool.

In fact, like much of the United States, Alaska has four seasons and weather records at both ends of the thermometer.

Alaska’s summers are warm with temperatures that can reach into the 90°s. Ft.

Yukon holds the all-time record with a sizzling 100°F temperature recorded in 1915.

Many believe that the far northern part of Alaska would be the coldest. Actually, the record for Alaska (and the entire U.S. for that matter) was set in 1971 at Prospect Creek in the northern interior: a bone-chilling -80°F! When compared to high readings near 90°, Alaska temperatures range is an astonishing 170°.

Alaska wolves

Alaska Wolves

Hello my name is Maia  Tauri and i am interested in wolves from Alaska.Wolves are vicious when they are hunting because when they hear something they sneak up to it and pounce at the feast that he's been hunting down.There are lot’s of different wolves like white wolves but white wolves live in the snowing places.
Gray wolves live in Alaska,Canada and Asia.Wolves are the largest member of the dog family and wolves and a pack of wolves is a extended family group  comprised of a breeding.Wolves can swim in lakes and rivers.
A gray wolf and facts for them.wolf Info

Wolfs like to drink water from the lakes.Animals care more about the earth than people.

Wolf’s eat deer,goats,moose and bison.
Gray wolf's hunt down their food but they normally go for large animals.

Gray wolfs eat deers and thay are meat eaters.

Yellow eyed penguin

Yellow eyed penguin
Yellow-eyed penguins are not fussy eaters. They eat any fish shorter than 25 centimetres, but their favourites are blue cod, red cod and arrow squid. The penguins return most evenings to their coastal forest homes and can often be found up to one kilometre inland. Yellow eyed penguins are only found in NZ is one of the rarest of our penguins.

The Lesser short-tailed Bat

The Lesser short-tailed Bat

The short-tailed bat stay in small groups.
They use their claws to dig in the dirty.
Lesser short-tailed bats spend large amounts of time of the
forest floor feeding on insects. Bats may yours their teeth m
make burrows just like it uses its claws. lesser short-tailed bats
are relatively small, being 6 to 7 cm in head and body length.
Adult one's weight 10 to 22 g before feeding, although this may
increase by as much as 30% after a whole night.

Maia's Pepeha

Kia ora
Ko Mike tōku pāpā
Ko Pera tōku māmā
Ko  Maia tōku ingoa.
Ko Mason tōku tungāne.
No Kaikohe āhau.
Ko āhau te matāmua.
Ko Mason te potiki.
Ko Kaikohe West tōku kura.
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou tēnā ra tatou katoa.